Perspective switch

William Frank kibork at
Sun Sep 26 11:07:05 UTC 2010

I'm using the KDevelop for quite some time now, and all of the issues
the frustrated me are now solved and it's cool :-)
But one think that is really annoying are "Perspectives", yes I
understand that many many people like them and it's ok with me, but
would it be possible to make the perspective switch configurable?
For the most time I don't run the whole application but rather some
unit test wrappers, they run for fractions of a second. But it happens
that I always use the "Debug" lunch, since I might have some
breakpoints I need to check. But not always, so when I have no
breakpoints then I just watch the UI changing and blinking for 3-5
seconds then the test is executed instantly and the UI changing starts
from beginning. So I would rather prefer to disable the perspectives
at all...
Or at least to have the perspectives a pre-build UI so that the switch
is rather instant...

Thanks in advance,

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