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Tue Sep 21 21:03:19 UTC 2010

Hey guys,

I need your feedback on this. Apparently some people are using my external 
scripts plugin to run some magic build scripts, like e.g.:

This is great since that was definitely one of the reasons I wrote that plugin. 
Anyways, people are not yet satisfied and want (rightly so!) the features we 
give them for plain make build jobs, esp. the highlighting of errors/warnings 
and the ability to jump to those positions inside the code.

I want to give that to the users of custom buildsystems as well, currently I'd 
imagine a checkbox in the configuration of an external script, which you can 
tick to enable this "error detection".

What I want to prevent is duplicated code. The code for MakeJobs works fine it 
seems, so I'd be interested in reusing that. The real question is: how, 
without making it a API mess that cannot stay BC.

Right now I think the best way would be to put the code in 
MakeOutputModel::addLines , that decides whether a line has an error or 
action, into a library so one could reuse it. But I'm not sure whether 
returning a FilteredItem from this function is fine, considering BC. I could 
make it a proper class with dptr if it's preferred, or is using that struct 
there OK?

Furthermore I'd need MakeOutputDelegate and quite some code currently found in 
MakeOutputModel, like activate, next/prevHighlightIndex, urlForFile...

So should I maybe export the whole MakeOuputModel and rebase my own model on 
that somehow? I.e. put MakeOutputModel into kdevplatform/outputview?

Too many maybes, whats and unsures for me. Please give me some help :)

Milian Wolff
mail at
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