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Николай Шафоростов shafff at
Fri Sep 17 06:48:09 UTC 2010

Hi. As I wrote in
i encountered a crash in KDevelop. Today could eliminate it by rewritting computeGccStandardMacros() in languages/cpp/setuphelpers.cpp
to use QProcess instead of KProcess. Otherwise it crashes with very strange backtrace, that includes KTarArchive class methods as well as QProcess::waitForFinished

I have compiled KDevelop 1.0.2 against kdelibs 4.5.1.

First lines of the function (all my changes):
QVector<rpp::pp_macro*> computeGccStandardMacros()
    QVector<rpp::pp_macro*> ret;
    //Get standard macros from gcc
    QProcess proc;
    // The output of the following gcc commands is several line in the format:
    // "#define MACRO [definition]", where definition may or may not be present.
    // Parsing each line sequentially, we can easily build the macro set.
    QStringList args;
    args << "-xc++" <<"-E" <<"-dM" <<"/dev/null";

    proc.start("gcc", args);
    if (proc.waitForFinished(500) == 0) {

Now I can import a Makefile-based project into KDevelop, but when I open .cpp files in it they don't get syntax-highlighted.
I attach the terminal output of the KDevelop process.

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