Colleagues of DUChain

Paul Fee pfee at
Wed Sep 8 15:57:20 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Over on the Boost mailing list, there's a thread about Scalpel, a source 
code analysis library which can expose the code's structure to other 
components such as editors.

The conclusion was that LLVM/clang provides similar functionality and it 
would be better to support an established project than start another project 
tackling similar issues.

Another useful project highlighted was GCCSense

To me these seem to be overlap with KDevelop's DUChain.  I'm not familiar 
enough with clang, GCCSense, DUChain or Scalpel, but do they perform similar 
tasks and which should KDevelop be using?

Does DUChain have features the others lack or vice versa?  Would KDevelop 
benefit from having a look at these similar projects?


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