Segfault in CMakeManager::parse

Syron mr.syron at
Sun Sep 5 08:18:00 UTC 2010

  I managed it to build KDevelop on Windows (using kdewin, merged the 
movingranges branch because I have compiled KDE 4.6), and I still get 
the segfault from the cmakemanager lib, so there is definetly a problem 
within kdev* (gcc 4.4.0/x86 on windows, 4.5.0/x64 on linux, so this 
can't be it). The CMakeLists.txt's of my project are fine, because the 
current version is stable and compiles well.
That's pretty bad, I hoped it would only be my scary system, but now it 
turns out that it may stop many developers from developing ;-(
BTW, I figured out that the segfault appears right after all KUrls from 
the genmod directory are added - if that helps.

-- Syron

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