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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Oct 27 19:11:19 UTC 2010

On 27.10.10 20:33:02, Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 October 2010 19:53:29 Aleix Pol wrote:
> > Does anybody have a clue about how can we move the merge requests?
> there is no such thing as a merge-request on the new architecture as far as I 
> understood.
> What we have to do instead is force users to develop stuff in some public 
> accessible branches and then do the git merge review our selves.
> I.e.:
> git remote add bla $some-guys-kdev-clone
> git diff master..bla/master
> #if ok:
> git merge bla/master
> or similar...

Or use for reviewing the changes. Its supposed
to have some integration with (as in group setups, logins
and association with the repo), though I'm not sure if its possible for
someone to post a patch from his own clone of a kdevelop repo. Should
ask #kde-sysadmin or kde-scm list.

Apart from that, I suggest to get as many merge-request actually merged
before doing the move as possible. That way nothing gets lost. Those
that have admin privs on for the repos can (AFAIK) also
disable MR's for each repo, to avoid new MR's coming up... 

Oh and what about the branch for search+replace in the developers-repo?
That one needs to be moved too into some personal clone on
(if thats already available). 


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