no German localisation in kdevplatform-1.1.0 any more?

Gerhard Stengel Gerhard.Stengel at
Wed Oct 27 17:34:15 UTC 2010

> Hi,
> I just noticed that the German po folder has disappeared in the latest
> kdevplatform release. I'm about to update the German translations for
> kdevelop and wonder why they have disappeared...

> To my knowledge it's because the German translations did not reach the 75% 
> minimum barrier for inclusion. Esp. considering that there are other 
> translations included.
> You should contact the KDE localization team and help out so that updated 
> translations can be shipped with KDevelop 4.1.1.

I already did that and I'm working full steam on the translations. I'm confident they'll be ready for 4.1.1.



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