Patch: TODO highlighting in comments

Ciprian Ciubotariu cheepeero at
Sat Oct 16 23:43:14 UTC 2010

Though perhaps a bit off-topic, I'd like to use the opportunity to add some 
thoughts on having configuration levels and a system for overriding these as 
the scope tightens. I've mentioned this idea on IRC (I am CMoH on IRC btw) but 
didn't raise any comments.

Here is what I'd expect from the IDE's configuration framework:

1. application-level configuration
2. session-level configuration
3. project-level configuration
4. perhaps file level, but I've seldom used such a feature except in those 
nasty IDEs that also handle the build themselves

Each level is the default for the higher levels, where level 1 (application 
level) would define a value for all options. Each level above would allow me to 
override the values supplied by the previous level, or to reset my change.

There's also the question on where to store transient configs, like session 
open windows, current window layout, currently selected filter in the TODO 
window and similar stuff.

Would you find idea this useful? Does it stand any chance within the current 
KCM design (I haven't even saw its API)?

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