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Mon Nov 29 19:29:18 UTC 2010

Silvère LESTANG, 29.11.2010:
> Hey,
> a lot of plugins and features (Build, Run, Debug, Test and Version Control)
> use the standardouputview for displaying what they need to display. But
> this toolview is quite generic and doesn't correspond to the needs of most
> of them, and thus make it difficult to users to understand the UI (the
> previous and next buttons doesn't always do something and the two buttons
> "Select activated item" and "Focus when selecting item" are difficult to
> understand and irrelevant sometimes).
> I try in the last few days to see if it was possible to improve the
> standardouputview to full fit the needs of all plugins and features but I
> arrived to the conclusion that it's useless as every plugins have a
> slightly different needs.
> So I proposed to create a new toolview for each plugins or features which
> need one, starting by the Build feature.
> I think we need to keep the previous and next item, remove the "Select
> activated item" and "Focus when selecting item" buttons and replace them by
> a warning and error buttons that we can toggle to display only warnings
> and/or errors. I make a little mock up here:
> What do you think about that?

Imo this alone does not make it neccessary to create a whole new view. Instead 
you should make it possible to deactive those two buttons (which I never 
understood either, when do they have an effect? and which?).

Furthermore there should be something like addAction(KAction*) to add custom 
actions into the view's toolbar, if this does not exist yet. This you could 
use to add the custom filter actions.

Milian Wolff
mail at
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