Building a library and executable with 300 C++ files.

Hugo Parente Lima at
Mon Nov 29 15:50:08 UTC 2010

On Monday 29 November 2010 13:24:32 Michael Hart wrote:
> First of all my project is not a Kdevelop project.
> Second, like the many people I was trying to move from VS to Kdevelop under
> LINUX I don't want spend a time learning about any build system. I want to
> do as I always did under kdevelop 3 and VS; select and add files to a
> project and press a build button

So forget about C and C++, because you will need to use a build system for 
anything bigger than a hello world.

Your previous build system was the built-in VS build system, it's not 
available on Linux, so you need to find another solution if you want to stay on 
Linux like: CMake, qMake, Autotools, whatever. KDevelop isn't a build system, 
it just support other build systems to ease your life.

Why kdevelop hasn't a built-in build system like VS in my opinion? because 
*any* good project is IDE agnostic, you can't force your team to use an 
specific IDE.

btw, I'm doing my own build system as a pet project too, heheh 
> Is this even possible under Kdevelop 4. If not what is the easiest way to
> do such a thing?

Hugo Parente Lima
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