Building a library and executable with 300 C++ files.

Michael Hart at
Mon Nov 29 14:58:41 UTC 2010

I know this to be very simple to do with Kdevelop 3.x.y and for that matter
MV visual studio

Today is my last attempt to use Kdevelop4 and because kdevelop3 is broken
under all versions of openSuSE 11.x I have to totally abandon the Kdevelop
environment in favor of something else for the only great think I see about
Kdevelop 4 thus far is the intellisence of the editor.

I have about 300 C++ files in a directory and all I want to compile them
into a libraries and executable without resorting to some type of manual
convolution with the build system such as Cmake

Kdevelop 3 and for that matter all the other IDEs I have ever used over that
past 10 years you simply add the file to a project or even easier a
directory and you are ready to build.

Kdevelop 4 environment seems to want me to manually manipulate CMakeList.txt

Is there an automated way to make these CMakeLIst.txt files?
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