Moving kdevelop4-custom-buildsystem to g.k.o

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Nov 26 07:26:34 UTC 2010

On 25.11.10 21:01:21, David Nolden wrote:
> 2010/11/25 Milian Wolff <mail at>:
> > David Nolden, 25.11.2010:
> >> 2010/11/23 Milian Wolff <mail at>:
> >> > Imo all of this should be met for a plugin in the "plugins" folder:
> >> >
> >> > a) active maintainer who cares about bug fixes etc.
> >> > b) a first release, since that makes it clear that the maintainer is
> >> > confident it is in a "production ready" state
> >>
> >> c) stable, meet some quality standards (we should release stuff that
> >> works, not stuff that _might_ work)
> >>
> >> Or alternatively, the plugin should be important enough to be
> >> considered a crucial part of the IDE. What does this plugin do?
> >
> > Hehe, I find that one quite funny. What do you mean with "stable"? Who decides
> > that? And why must it be stable to be in it's own git repo (we are not talking
> > about merging it into either kdevelop or kdevplatform repository here, are
> > we?).
> >
> > It's the maintainer who is responsible for that plugin, if he releases it and
> > it's utter crap, people will note that and report it to him.
> Sorry, I'm talking about merging it into KDevelop/KDevplatform of
> course. Every somewhat maintained plugin should ideally be somewhere
> in our git repository.

While I'm willing to maintain it for the foreseeable future, I'm not
using it as much as I'd like (though the next few weeks might be
changing things again). Hence I'm not sure about moving it to kdevelop
(kdevplatform would be wrong IMHO as its of no use to Quanta for
example). I'll leave that decision to the community, but I'd like to
make clear that I currently don't have any plans for new features but
will be fixing any bugs that anybody finds (there's no b.k.o entry yet,
will do that once it moved).


You are fairminded, just and loving.

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