Remove flicker and don't select first view on tab close

Milian Wolff milianw at
Mon Nov 22 14:06:11 UTC 2010

Hey all, esp. David.

Please review and test the patch you find attached and tell me what's wrong 
with it. 

I can so far only report positive things:

- no more flicker when closing tabs as the area is not restored everytime
- no funny addViewSilent that might lead to bugs like seen in the container
- no custom "activate first view" if we didn't find the old active view, as that 
is simply wrong. When you close a tab, the one next to it should be activated.

I hope I can introduce this to fix the last regressions introduced by 
4b114d9c734ef1bd3e156cfc114b7e87ec8adb8e or 

Milian Wolff
milianw at

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