Killability of ImportProjectJob

Milian Wolff mail at
Sat Nov 20 16:52:36 UTC 2010

On Saturday 20 November 2010 17:50:31 Milian Wolff wrote:
> Hey all,
> currently the ImportProjectJob is not really interruptable. It has doKill
> that just waitForFinished which can easily lead to deadlocks nowadays,
> since we can import stuff from the background bug QMetaType::invokeMethod
> in the projectmodel then. E.g.:
> I could add e.g. ICore::shuttingDown() calls just before all invokeMethod
> calls, but that might still deadlock sometimes (rarely) and it's imo just
> not nice.

Just noticed: If the users stops the import job it will still deadlock as then 
ICore::self() is not shutting down... I'd need something like "project-
>abortLoad()" or similar...

I'll see what I can do.
Milian Wolff
mail at
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