Patch: TODO highlighting in comments

Dmitry Risenberg dmitry.risenberg at
Wed Nov 17 21:52:41 UTC 2010

@ David Nolden

Your patch breaks the TODO-searching. In a file with the following contents:

// TODO: here
class CCC {

it doesn't report any TODOs. Looks like CommentFormatter::containsToDo
receives a list of one-char symbols instead of full words, so the
comparison with a marker always fails. At the same time all existing
unit tests run OK. Maybe a problem in lexer?

2010/11/14 David Nolden <zwabel at>:
>>> Then what is it?
> I think a TODO is simply a TODO, nothing you can categorize easily. If
> you want a category, I'd call it an "Annotation", the right place
> might be an "Annotations" view or something like that.
>> In my own opinion the problem reporter is the right location, because the
>> TODOs are hints that some functionality may not be given or that some
>> functions make problems. This is highly context sensitive, as the problem
>> reporter is.
>> Whenever I write code, I only need the TODOs from the current context -
>> they're less important than parsing problems, but they can still lead to
>> problems if you don't know them.
> Most of the parser-problems in the problem reporter are not real
> problems, but rather just problems of the parser. I think a TODO is
> more important than that. ;-)
> Anyway for the moment, the problem-reporter might be ok as place for
> the problems, it just has to be implemented efficiently.
> Greetings, David
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