Perforce Plugin - Trouble with environment in execution of job?

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Tue Nov 16 11:55:07 UTC 2010

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 10:09 PM, Morten Volden <mvolden2 at> wrote:

> Hi All
> A little while ago I asked on this list about the status of a Perforce
> plug-in for Kdevelop4. Since no one replied I take it that development on
> such a plug-in is not going on at the moment. So I started writing a
> perforce plug-in.
> My current status in short:
> I have the plug-in loaded, and it will show in the context menu - So far so
> good.
> The plugin overrides pure virtual functions in ICentralizedVersionControl
> and in IBasicVersionControl. E.g. for the edit function I do something like
> this:
> KDevelop::VcsJob* perforceplugin::edit(const KUrl& localLocation)
> {
>     QFileInfo fsObject(localLocation.toLocalFile());
>     QString filename(fsObject.fileName());
>     QDir path(fsObject.dir());
>     DVcsJob* job = new DVcsJob(path, this, KDevelop::OutputJob::Verbose);
>     if(job)
>         kDebug() << "After Creating job, the path is " << path.path() <<
> "and the filename is " << filename << "... And the jobs dir is: " <<
> job->directory().path();
>     *job << "p4" << "edit" << filename;
>     return job;
> }
> When Trying to edit one of the files in my perforce testbed the kDebug
> gives me the following output:
> perforceplugin::edit: After Creating job, the path is
> "/home/mvo/testbed/perforcetest" and the filename is  "main.cpp" ... And the
> jobs dir is:  "/home/mvo/testbed/perforcetest"
> Which leads me to believe the DVcsJob I am creating has the correct CWD
> (i.e. /home/mvo/testbed/perforcetest ). However, the command issued by the
> job fails for reasons that escape me (as can be seen in the screenshot
> below).
> The perforce server and port are specified in the file p4config.txt (p4
> will look for its settings in a file of that name).
> If I issue the same command in a kdevelop konsole, it works (see konsole
> window in screenshot below)
> Can anyone shed some light on what the difference is between the command in
> the DvcsJob and the command issued in the terminal?
>  Thanks.
> Morten
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To me it sounds like p4 requires some env variable to be defined that isn't.
I don't know anything about perforce though, so I can't help you with that.
I can help you with the debugging if you tell me what you need.

I agree it looks like the same command, it's really weird that it doesn't
return the same.

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