Floating Assistants

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Tue Nov 16 08:59:59 UTC 2010

Olivier JG, 15.11.2010:
> On 11/16/2010 12:09 AM, Milian Wolff wrote:
> > a) it is too unobtrusive, I first thought assistants are broken before I
> > finally spotted that
> Would changing the following fix it?
> > b) it's not clear that is a tooltip or something context sensitive, it's
> > placed at the bottom center and looks like it belongs to the surrounding
> > like a tab title, but not do the editor.
> Are you recommending to float it a bit higher?
> > c) it does not use the tooltip style (that would be blue for me). Fixing
> > this would probably fix b) as well.
> It doesn't use a tooltip style because it's a toolbar. What pops up when
> you hover over the options is a tooltip.

It's not really a toolbar, or at least it shouldn't be. A toolbar/statusbar is 
imo fine for information, but not for actions. You have to find a way to make 
it visible. Before it was always a light grey and stood out from the rest. Imo 
a different color *and* floating it a bit higher might work better... not sure 

> > e) I would change the text to:
> > 
> > Declare "int a" as: 0 - local | 1 - public | 2 - private | 3 - protected
> > | 0 - hide
> > 
> > it will always be an in, so no need to repeat that (esp. for fully
> > qualified types which might get long).
> > 
> > Can you improve that?
> I can see about fixing it, but the problem is that the type isn't known
> to the assistant (which provides the label on the left), but only to the
> actions themselves (which provide the buttons). As I recall the
> different actions have different ways of getting the type.

we can change the api and I have not yet found a case where the type is 
different, only the "public/private" stuff was different up until now.
Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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