MovingRanges: Should we expand on edits? Should we invalidate on empty?

Milian Wolff mail at
Sat Nov 13 14:42:11 UTC 2010

Hey there,

I want to know how you think KDevelop should react on edits to/near it's 
MovingRanges. Currently the ranges do not expand and stay valid when empty.

I'd propose to change it to:

- expand left/right
- invalidate if empty


a) because highlighting would look better when we change an identifier that is 
highlighted (the range automatically expands, and we don't have to wait for 
the reparse to get the proper highlightnig)

b) because it makes sense to me. If the user deletes the hole range of a 
identifier, he esentially killed that declaration, so it could get removed. we 
just have to make sure that it's not "emptied" when replaced, i.e.:

[range] => select whole range, press a

I'll dive into kate and make sure this is the case.


Milian Wolff
mail at
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