Where does our astyle lib come from?

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 21:32:01 UTC 2010

El 12/11/2010, a las 18:07, Milian Wolff escribió:
> I wonder where kdevelop/formatters/lib comes from? Is this simply  
> an (old?)
> checkout from Astyle?
> Git log on this folder only shows:
> commit 95fff2587178a3235c5a222c9c2d66d6e5d1baa8
> Author: Andreas Pakulat <apaku at gmx.de>
> Date:   Sun Feb 15 23:47:18 2009 +0000
>     Move plugins around, ordering them into a handful of groups, as  
> dicussed
> on the list.
>     Rename src->app
>     Adjust Messages.sh
> Not helpful at all...

I can't figure out why git isn't properly tracking moves here.

I followed moves manually and got this log:

commit b6f41a36c3b54e35a8369b4a8ca29079e2b20c75
Author: Carlos Licea <carlos_licea at hotmail.com>
Date:   Mon Jan 12 06:25:31 2009 +0000

     Another krazy fix: use prefix operators (-- and ++) when possible.
     One case cannot be "corrected" 'couse it needs to use the  
postfix operator, so how do you shut up krazy about it?.

commit a2bacc9fb27bb1c02152bec1523fa1f75f778012
Author: Enrique Matías Sánchez <cronopios at gmail.com>
Date:   Mon Oct 27 10:13:24 2008 +0000

     SVN_SILENT: Fix typos in kdevelop

commit 506cc5e97ce0df0eb4cf2851519a96b435ec5aa5
Author: Cédric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
Date:   Thu Sep 11 14:22:01 2008 +0000

     Move all plugins in plugins/formatters/

     Signed-off-by: Cedric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>

Here it moves again. Following move manually...

commit fc816a3369357a3ffdc688d9150d2e6477c2ed27
Author: Cédric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
Date:   Thu Sep 4 19:29:27 2008 +0000

     AStyle ported to new SourceFormatter plugin

     Still need to fix the config dialog that does strange things

     Signed-off-by: Cedric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>

commit 2c8a1efb2224e9747bd2332250cde9cf8c82b783
Author: Cédric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
Date:   Sat Aug 23 16:19:00 2008 +0000

     Make the plugin reload config before formatting a file

commit ea76924bb4bc2ec0bcf6e4b2649f9fc9661d9d6b
Author: Cédric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
Date:   Sat Aug 23 15:55:11 2008 +0000

     Add styles in config dialog
     User can add, modify and delete styles

commit 80f7edadc8f792f25675538e48583cfdd7768dc8
Author: Cédric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
Date:   Mon Aug 18 19:23:19 2008 +0000

     Source files shouldn't be executables

commit 77a4cf26cca0f3010e653d344923c3b4df7d6a2f
Author: Cédric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
Date:   Mon Aug 18 17:53:57 2008 +0000

     AStyle plugin ported to kdevelop 4

     All features of the previous version are here (except the  
'format files'
     item in the Tools menu which is not really be necessary)
     It now uses astyle v1.22.
     I have redone completely the config dialog (with a live preview  

That's where the code was introduced. It says "ported", so you may  
find older code in the history of kdevelop3 or of playground plugins.

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