Some DUChain related questions

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Tue Nov 9 16:38:39 UTC 2010


I'm still working on the python plugin, but currently I'm a bit stuck as
there's a few problems I just cannot find the reason for.

   - The yellow highlighting does not work if the declaration is inside any
   context. -> this works; (i hovered the "password") this does not. The
   usebuilder source code:
   - As can be seen in the second image, declarations from the class context
   are imported into the function. This is not correct for python. I already
   removed the statement of which I thought would do that, but nothing changed.
   What to do here? The contextbuilder code:
   - My UseBuilder.buildUses() calls functions from the contextbuilder. Is
   that correct? Looks very strange to me, as this is a seperate build pass.
   See: What would I do against that?

Any hints on how to solve those problems would be very welcome.

Thanks and best regards,
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