kdevelop 4 parsing on opensuse 11.2 is extremely slow for linux kerenl project

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 31 20:40:09 UTC 2010

2010/3/30 f. achkar <fachkar.datawind at gmail.com>:
> greetings David Nolden,
> I'm not sure but I think there is something not right about the code parser!
> I imported the latest kernel in kdevelop
> Version 3.9.98 (using KDevPlatform 0.9.98)
> Using KDE 4.3.5 (KDE 4.3.5) "release 0"
> no offense, but does it take ages to parse the freaking code and it does not
> succeed to find all variables correctly!
> Now, I checked the:
> http://www.kdevelop.org/mediawiki/index.php/KDevelop_4/Feature_Plan
> and it seems all code parsing is done! correct me if wrong?

a) KDevelop is a C++ IDE, not a C IDE.
b) KDevelop is currently not suitable for projects containing millions
of files, it collects too much information.
c) Parsing will _never_ be "done", as it only is an approximation.
Still it's better than in any other IDE that I've tried.
d) If you want to freak out, do it somewhere else.

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