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I'd like to tackle the kdebase/workspace dependency we currently have
for gdb to pick processes to attach to. There are two problems:

a) distro's who want to split the KDE packages as much as possible
create build-problems
b) we're depending on something that doesn't exist on other platforms
which makes it impossible to port to those

Back when the ksysguard widget was introduced it was said that for KDE
4.4 it would move to kdelibs. We now have only a month to go before KDE
4.5 freezes (see below). 

As we'll probably want to depend on KDE 4.5 for KDevelop4.1 we need a
solution for this. So I suggest that either someone talks to the
ksysguard author so he moves the libraries to kdelibs for 4.5, or we
copy the code over to kdevelop after the 4.0 release. Or if neither of
the two is an option we drop the sysguard code and get back the (afaik
working) code we had before.

The current situation is not acceptable (albeit unchangeable for 4.0).


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hi :)

Toma has noted that he won't be available to draft the 4.5 schedule. This is 
something that needs to get done. Here's a draft based on the 4.3 schedule to 
get us started with:

April 26th, 2009: Soft Feature Freeze
May 18th, 2009: Hard Feature Freeze
May 19th, 2009: Message Freeze.
May 19th, 2009: Tag KDE 4.5 Beta 1
May 26th, 2009: Release KDE 4.5 Beta 1
June 2nd, 2009: Documentation/Handbook Freeze
June 2nd, 2009: Tag KDE 4.5 Beta 2
June 9th, 2009: Release KDE 4.5 Beta 2
June 23rd, 2009: Artwork and Bindings Freeze
June 23rd, 2009: Tag KDE 4.5 RC 1
June 30th, 2009: Release KDE 4.5 RC 1
.. RC as needed ..
July 28th, 2009: Tag KDE 4.5
August 4th, 2009: Release KDE 4.5

The main difference being this and the 4.3 schedule is two weeks less spent in 
beta. In part this would be because we're publishing the schedule so late in 
the cycle, and in part motivated by my experience that the beta cycles are 
pretty long as it is. There's also only two weeks between beta 1 and beta 2, 
more in line with the more aggressive beta release schedule.

Since this really isn't my area of forte, input is quite welcome :)

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