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here is an stupid SGML example and then three DTD ELEMENT's:

<section> About SGML
<title>In the section or not

<!ELEMENT section - O (#PCDATA, title) -- title belongs to section -- >

<!ELEMENT section - O #PCDATA -- title does not belongs to section -- >

<!ELEMENT section - O EMPTY -- nothing belongs to section -- >

or even better:

<!ELEMENT section - O CDATA -- although not correct everything now after 
section becomes text -- >

The idea of the parser is to create a tree but it is not possible to determine 
the branches without the DTD. Or to format SGML for that matter.

In the Quata repo there is an folder DTEP with a bunch of tag files. It is 
possible to use them, but it would be nicer to use DTD so that all SGML is 
supported without the exporting of the DTD files. This was the motivation for 
the implementation of the OASIS catalog in the xml plug-in too.

Anyway tell me what you think I and I will do it, as there is probably a 
millions angles, and extreme programming (hacking ..-> re-hacking) is an 
accepted methodology ;)

I think the million options is:
1) Implement an HTML/XML version and later a full blown DTD/SGML version.
2) Implement and DTD parser and later a full blown SGML/XML version.

either way SGML comes last. ;)

Let me know thanks


On Wednesday 24 March 2010 16:25:56 Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé - Developer wrote:
> Hi!
> > > 3. Optional closing, <li>text ?(</li>)
> > > 4. Like the <p> in docbook, <p>text
> >
> > Where is the difference? both can optionally be closed, but don't have
> > to.
> Well, then there is no difference. I do not know if there are
>  non-empty-tags like <p> which must not be closed.
> Jonathan
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