a litle kdevplatform view bug

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 23:50:19 UTC 2010

> When I am a close view of edited document, and current workingset is
> loaded in another areas (more that one view), then view and document
> closed before save dialog and cancel button has no effect.
> Kdevplatform and kdevelop beta 9.
> hier is litle batch to fix it.

Good catch, and thanks for the patch, but the problem looks more 

There are 4 cases to consider when closing the view:
1) document has one remaining view
  => ask to save and close
2) document has more views in the current area (example: split window)
  => no need to ask, still have at least one more view visible
3) document has more views in another area in same workingset
  => ask to save and close in all areas
4) document has more views in another area in another workingset
  => ????

#1 works fine
Your patch fixes #3 but breaks #2, so I'd appreciate a patch to your patch ;)

PS: I absolutely don't know what to do with #4... 
Yes, the document is still open and you can see it in Documents toolview and 
you can see it after switching areas, but it's not easily visible.

I'd prefer to ask for save/cancel on close. But if the user won't save, the 
document will remain opened and kdevelop will ask to save one more time on 
closing for example... 

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