Basic C++0x patch

George Syron mr.syron at
Sun Mar 14 12:13:58 UTC 2010

2010/3/14 David Nolden <zwabel at>

> Also, there is a large set of already existing unit tests for the C++
> support,
> so after any change to it, you should make sure that the existing tests are
> still succeeding. For that, you have to run
> kdevelop/languages/cpp/cppduchain/tests/duchaintest,
> kdevelop/languages/cpp/cppduchain/tests/cppexpressionparsertest,
> kdevelop/languages/cpp/tests/cppcodecompletiontest,
> kdevelop/languages/cpp/tests/cppcodegentest.

I have a question: are there any tests for member initialization lists? I
haven't found any.

Kind regards, Syron
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