Release Plan

Niko Sams niko.sams at
Mon Mar 1 20:12:52 UTC 2010

>> > What about kdevelop-plugins?
>> >
>> > Sould they have independet releases?
>> Whatever you want :) If you think all of the plugins in there will be ready
>> by may 1st we can do a combined release. Its your decision basically, also
>> wether you then want a kdevelop-plugins-1.0 or a separate package for each
>> plugin.
> We should release together imo. PHP plugin is mature enough and shouldn't eat
> any children. Not sure about pets though.

> Anyways, I'm for merging the PHP & PHP-Docs plugins and than releasing
> kdevelop-plugins as one
why merging? If there is no technical reason for a merge I would
prefer not to merge - that
would keep them cleaner. (one plugin, one job)
We can release them as one however.

>, i.e. PHP & Upload (Niko: will you manage to get
> XDebug et alii into extragear by that time?).
I don't think the others are enough tested. Upload didn't have a single beta
release yet, XDebug needs more testing.


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