New ProjectModel implementation

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Sun Jun 27 15:55:55 UTC 2010

On Sunday 27 June 2010 15:02:15 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> just to let you know, I've just merged the rewrite of the projectmodel
> API I've worked on into master. Its now indepdenent of any GUI
> dependencies and doesn't use QStandardItemModel anymore but custom
> items. This also allowed to minimize the API a bit and make it more
> specific (a real rename function instead of some hidden way of using
> setData).
> I couldn't see any regressions and we do have a quite good unit-test for
> it too. (it covers around 60% currently IIRC).
> It'll hopefully also make it easier to change the actual implementation
> to a ref-counted version or something other. I'm not sure thats really
> necessary though, it should be enough if places that do store
> item-pointers also listen to model-signals to find out wether their item
> is deleted and then remove it from their internal storage.
> Andreas

That's good!
I'll take a deeper look later :)


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