LanguagePlugins and AlwaysOn

David Nolden zwabel at
Thu Jun 17 20:21:19 UTC 2010

Simply use the foreground lock. It's the same as andreas's "queue approach,
but only with 1 LOC.

We can then change the check in languageForUrl to VERIFY_FOREGROUND_LOCKED ,
and have one less ugly multi-threading problem. I also always thought that
it sucks not being able to load plugins from the background.

Am 17.06.2010 21:43 schrieb "Milian Wolff" <mail at>:

On Thursday 17 June 2010 19:56:44 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 17.06.10 19:10:47, Milian Wolff wrote:...
I explicitly wanted to prevent that. What I have now is much easier since I
can just build a context of a different language without having to create a
parse job for that, which would end up in the parse queue waiting...

Milian Wolff
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