Gathering the set of files-to-watch

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Sat Jun 12 21:33:12 UTC 2010

On Saturday 12 June 2010 23:11:09 David Nolden wrote:
> No you simply shouldn't care about this. The background-parser and the
> parse-jobs will figure out the right thing to do, you should just give
> them the lowest features that you want, which is
> "VisibleDeclarationsAndContexts".

Alright. I don't get it, but I probably know too little about how it works to 
understand. It would certainly be easy enough to change in any case.

> > Still, I think the limit is about 8K directories, so there is some
> > headroom still.
> I hope the watches won't be a too hard hit on the performance.

Watches should only affect performance for file creation if using FAM and if 
creating a large number of files, I gather. This might be a problem during 
build. For INotify, there should be no noticable effect, as it is designed to 
handle watching the entire filesystem. But I will test this properly once I 
get it working. For the current system, with kdevelop and project files only, 
there is no visible performance degradation, though I have not yet done the 
hard numbers test.

Of course, some CPU cycles will burn during reparse. If the reparse is 
actually needed, I don't see how we can avoid it. If it turns out that we get 
a large number of useless reparses, we might be able to come up with a 
strategy to prevent it (like hashing files and checking the hash before 

Kind regards, Esben

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