xml namespaces and xsd's

Ruan Strydom ruan at jcell.co.za
Fri Jun 11 18:13:55 UTC 2010

Hi,  sorry I know the mail is a bit long....

Problem 1: (XSD)
The parser and builders works pretty well, but to be able to add completion to 
XML I have to implement XSD. The problem is that if I am going to build 
declarations and context's for the XSD document I will loose the pretty tree 
structure that is currently built.

I have thought of two options:

1) Parse the XSD into a separate structure for completion (perhaps using an 
existing api) ie SchemaCompletionHelper or something?

2) When Millian has made his changes to support multiple top context's I can 
create a special top context 'sub document' for XSD schemas?

Millian: would option 2 be possible with your changes?

DTD is a bit of a mess still, it works but not great if it becomes a problem I 
would need to either find a way t fix it or switch to option 1 for it.

Problem 2: (Namespaces)

How does one declare the following: Ns::SomeClass? I have created namespace 
declarations and namespace aliases and imports ie xmlns::ord=
"http://..../orders.xsd" (not committed yet) but when using it what is this 
called? What kind of 
declaration is the namespace part in Ns::SomeClass or <ord:order .. > how does 
cpp do it? (could not find it)

Supporting namespace's in XML without proper schema language support is going 
to be a bit of a hack but I am hoping to get some value from hacking it, the 
imports (declarations not contexts) and namespaces will be in the chain, so on 
completion it can be used to find the schema to complete with, if using method 
1. Else using method 2 the uses and imported contexts will simply point to it, 
if the change of Millian will allow cross 'sub document' imports.

Thanks allot

ps: Where do you guys find the time?


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