Gathering the set of files-to-watch

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Wed Jun 9 19:44:28 UTC 2010


so having done my initial study, I'm diving into the code of KDevelop itself. 
What I want to get is a maintaned list of all files in the project. Any files 
they depend on is a bonus at the first take, though I'll need those in time as 
well. I want to use this to build a list of files that needs watching, so that 
they can be automatically reparsed when changed. By doing this, I hope to get 
to a state where renaming, find-uses and other stuff actually works most of 
the time.

Looking at the sources, I can either get this by hooking into the 
buildmanager, the DUChain or possibly languagesupport/cpp. 

Buildmanager seems to create the parse jobs, so logically it must know which 
files are parsed. 

The DUCHain maintains toplevel contents for each file, as far as I can see. I 
seems to get the included files here too for free, so that sounds like a 
bonus. Not sure where to put the actually "list" of watched files, though.

Languagesupport does the parsing and adds the include jobs. I suppose this 
could be used as well.

Any suggestions to the "right place"? I'm guessing the DUChain, but then I'll 
need a place to put the list. Perhaps in the build manager?

Kind regards, Esben

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