php formatter

Ruan Strydom ruan at
Wed Jun 9 16:53:47 UTC 2010

You know sometimes I don't know what I was thinking... Second phase 
completed... and committed.. Works ok.

Some problems:

The sgml formatter and the php formatter needs to work together, ie the sgml 
formatter should call the php formatter which means that the default formatter 
for application/x-php should be sgml, but the problem is that when I ask the 
controller for the application/x-php mime, I get my self and a endless 
recursive call. 

Can I make changes to the controller, so that I can choose a formatter, ie 
QList<ISourceFormatter> getFormattersForMime(const KMimeType::Ptr &mime)....


On Wednesday 09 June 2010 15:38:12 Milian Wolff wrote:
> Ruan Strydom, 09.06.2010:
> > Commited a sample php beautifier.
> >
> > Not complete but formats in the couple of tests that I ran.
> >
> > Let me know if this will work or if there is problems.
> coolio :)
> will try it out shortly
> bye

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