How can I debug my apps into kdevelop? (resolved)

Leandro Santiago leandrosansilva at
Tue Jun 8 16:51:11 UTC 2010

Sorry for my mistake.

I really didn't see the button on toolbar :-)

Problem resolved :-) (but "Debug as native application" still doesn't work).


2010/6/8 Leandro Santiago <leandrosansilva at>:
> Hello to all. How can I debug C programs into kdevelop?
> In my project I have some targets, all command-line applications. When
> I click in "Run as" => "Native application", nothing happens. "Debug
> as" => "Native application" has the same behavior.
> Kdevelop or my project needs some extra configuration to run or debug
> applications inside of IDE?
> By now I'm using cgdb, a great front-end to gdb.
> Thanks to all :-)

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