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Tue Jun 1 20:25:22 UTC 2010


> >>> > Thank you very much, this is great info to create a good proposal. I
> >>> > have one more question: how hard/easy will it be to find someone to
> >>> > spend these 2-3 months on Plasmate within the community?
> >>>
> >>> with funding it should be easy enough, i think.
> >>
> >> Please note that NLnet Foundation has a cap of EUR 30,000 per project.
> >> If you could put ballpark figures on the milestones with a break down
> >> how long each milestone would take (milestone 1, so many hours, that
> >> many EUR per hour) to make it insightful for NLnet would be great. Don't
> >> overdo it though (they don't like proposals that go on and on and on).
> >
> > I will try to do that, based on Aaron's guestimates. I will use about
> > 80 euro per hour. That's a tad low (esp with the low euro now) so let
> > me know if that would be completely unacceptable.
> Ok, frankly I have no idea how acceptable that is. It's based on a
> reasonable rate for hiring an external programmer for a short period
> of time here in NL - but it might be cheap (good programmer) or
> expensive in other places. It would me about €13.000 per month (making
> 3 months hard).

No one in the west could live on EUR 13 per month (hurray for different
"decimal points" in different languages). Assuming you mean EUR 13,000:
that's a commercial rate which is hard.

> Anyone know what is realistic? I mean a student would
> be far cheaper but frankly I think that's not desirable...

EUR 4000 for one month of work would be far more realistic in this
context I think.

So, yes, for a commercial company: maybe not interesting. On the other
hand: it would be a good sum of money for something you love doing
anyway :-)

Sounds like Jos needs to drop by at my office for beer...


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