Help on DUChain/Code Completion stuff (again)

Victor Vicente de Carvalho victor.v.carvalho at
Sat Jul 31 15:33:35 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

since I've almost finished the debug part for my erlang plugin, I'm starting
to dig into code completion stuff. So some questions arrived:

1 - I need the DUChain to get Code Completion working? I mean that because
I'm not interested on type inference and this kind of stuff since Erlang is
dynamically typed, but code completion is good for the fellas. I'm looking
for displaying litte information on CC, just the module and functions with a
possible documentation from them.
Ex: the user writes "lists:" and press ctrl+space

the code completion shows up with functions that were matched from the
module "lists"

2 - I've managed to fetch the functions from a module on my
DeclarationBuilder, but not the arguments from them. I've seen that the
function declaration class only have a addDefaultParameter. How I can add
common parameters for it?
3 - Erlang, as a functional languange, supports "matching parameters" like:

func ( Param1 = { [ H | T ] , atom, Variable } , Param2 ) ->

this means that on my Ast I may have an entire expression inside a
parameter, and may have items that are not variables (like atom). Saying
again, I'm not interested in digging into that as I won't bet able to do
much with that, so how can I display what is inside the function parameter
list  in a "raw string" way?

4 - I'm willing to parse Erlang default libraries, so I'll have to fetch the
ones present on erlang instalation dir. I need to create a context for them

5 - If I have to implement DUChain for question 1, what contexts do I need?
I'm asking this since the simplicity of what I'm trying to do.


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