Making the parse-job progress bar more subtle

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Jul 30 00:44:32 UTC 2010

On 29.07.10 16:54:05, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen wrote:
> On Thursday 29 July 2010 16:02:43 Milian Wolff wrote:
> > I'd
> like to get a discussion started on the progress bar in our left bottom
> >
> corner. A few users already complained to me about it flashing too much. I
> >
> have to admit that I have a very two-sided opinion on that myself:
> > 
> > -
> the progress bar makes sense when a long job is running, like a project
> >
> import job
> > - the progress bar is annoying when I change something in a
> file, it is
> > often (depending on the file size, but well) just flashing and
> directly
> > gone again.
> > 
> > Simply showing the progress bar delayed to
> prevent the flashing is imo just
> > a work around and would still flash for
> jobs that take $delay +
> > fewmsecs...
> > 
> > Maybe we could at least use a
> desaturated progress bar? Or a just a non-
> > animated progress notifier?
> Or...?
> > 
> > Ideas? Your opinion?
> > 
> > Bye
>   The vast majority of cases of
> flashing would be caught by the delay thing, and it is in fact what's done
> in many other places where similar flickering type things are likely to
> happen. So, 1+ for adding a delay of 500ms to 1s (jobs that take shorter
> than that anyway are really not relevant to show progress for, as the user
> isn't actually waiting).
>   As Millian points out, this would still cause
> some jobs to flash, but it seems to me that we really have two different
> types of jobs here: Those that cause the flashes (less than half a second,
> mostly considerably less) and those that take a longer time (more than a
> second, most often some amount more, multiple seconds). As such, it seems
> clear to me that we can apply Occam's Razor here and just add that delay.
> So, my suggestion: Don't over-engineer this one, add the delay and see if
> that tiny change might add that bit of elegance we need there :)

+1, The KDE job notifications used a .5 seconds delay for years before
showing the progress-dialogs and those haven't been that annoying.


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