KDevelop sluggishness with MovingRange's

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 13 17:48:38 UTC 2010

Hi, here on my machine, I have the feeling that KDevelop has become
much more sluggish after the port to KTextEditor::MovingRange's.
Especially when running with the cursor over declarations so that they
are highlighted (which creates several new MovingRange's), or when
inserting newlines etc., the app feels very sluggish, much more than
it used to.

I've done some profiling to check what's going on. What i did was
hovering a some declarations that had many uses in the current file,
and inserting some newlines. Unfortunately it seems like I have quite
a few debug symbols missing for Qt. However when doing a manual test
using our UIBlockTester, which allows locating phases when the UI is
blocked, it seemed like Kate::TextBuffer::rangesForLine takes quite
some time. In the profiling it is shown with about 12%.

Can someone else reproduce this?

Greetings, David
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