Perforce Plugin

Paul Fee pfee at
Mon Jul 19 16:08:56 UTC 2010

Michael.Schmidt-fcnKgcTN5XvQT0dZR+AlfA at wrote:

> Is no one writing a perforce plugin for kdevelop 4?  If not, should I
> write one?
> Thanks,
> Mike

I'd be interested in using that, I'm not aware of any activity in that area.  
I previously submitted a patch to KDevelop3's perforce plugin such that it 
would show diffs using komparepart.

For me, the most useful aspects of Perforce integration are:

1: p4 edit a file from within the IDE
1b: Upon trying to save, offer to "p4 edit" if necessary (e.g. file is under 
version control, but is read-only).
2: p4 diff a file from within the IDE

Those tasks are simple, but switching from the IDE is inconvenient.

Larger tasks such as browsing change logs, previous revisions or revision 
graphs are already handled well by p4v, probably best not trying to 
replicate too much of that.


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