Kdevelop editing issues

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Jul 22 13:14:59 UTC 2010

On 22.07.10 16:25:06, Konstantin Karganov wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've started using Kdevelop4 recently, and want to summarize my first
> usage experience.
> Some features are just fantastic - such as code completion, function
> parameters assist, showing code snippets in find usage view.
> Completion of full prototype of overloaded function is just awesome!..
> But this is not about nice things, this is about features that I
> really miss working in Kdev, small issues that greatly improve the
> tool usability.
> Most of them should be quite simple to implement, and they might be
> already implemented, tell me how to find or enable them if so. I can
> even help with the implementation myself, given some help how to do
> that.
> So, here is the list of issues, mainly editor related, that I'd like
> to have (order is irrelevant):
> 1. "Save All" toolbar button
>  that's awful it is not available, when having dozens of files open in
> the editor one can easily forget to save all modified files before the
> build, and that's a pain to save each file individually. IMHO,
> must-have feature

It is available, you just have to add it yourself.

> 2. turning off backup files
> currently when working in kdevelop editor it creates *.h~ and *.cpp~
> backup files on each save. I don't like having junk files on my disk
> and I have version control for change history, but I can't turn this
> off. I guess there should be an option.

See the editor settings.
> 5. no fast navigation in opened files
> both in VisualStudio and Eclipse there is a drop-down list of
> currently opened files (which, btw, also displays status, if file is
> modified or not), which gives a fast way to switch from file to file.
> Very useful if you have 2-3 dozens of files opened at the time,
> navigation with 2 arrows (prev, next) becomes just painful.

Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Also the currently open files are listed at the
top of the quickopen list.
> 7. not showing matching bracket in source code
> I suggest that when the cursor is on bracket the matching brackets
> pair should be highlighted, as in Eclipse (or better ;) ), currently
> it is not and that's sad..

Works fine for me, but its slightly differently than in eclipse wrt. the
cursor position.
> 8. Projects and Classes views should follow the current file position
> again, other IDEs do that.

No they don't, at least not by default. We had that in KDev3 and it was
horribly unusable and IIRC only used by a very small number of users.
There's a button to sync manually though.

> 9. shortcuts for quick code navigation
> I guess they may be present but I don't know them, but still. It would
> be nice to be able to do various code navigation commands with a
> single keystroke, such as go to declaration, go to definition, show
> usage, show parent types, show children types and so on.

See Settings->Configure Shortcuts for the ones that exist. IMHO having
shortcuts for parent types and child types is not necessary, thats not
something you do so often to warrant a shortcut.

For the rest I suggest you file wishlist reports at bugs.kde.org, posting
them here will only make sure they get lost. 


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