use cmake to support kdevelop plugin versioning

Julian Bäume julian at
Sun Jul 18 14:10:52 UTC 2010

I thought about a better way handling the plugin-version entry in the desktop 
files. In my understanding, this version string is used to force a rebuild of 
each plugin after some binary-incompatible change has been made. This will 
also trigger API-changes to be applied, since during rebuilding, the plugins 
with incompatible API won't compile.

In kdevplaform, there is a script to update the desktop files. I've created 
some cmake scripts to handle this automatically during configure-time. For 
now, I am getting the version string out of the 
kdevplatform/interfaces/iplugin.h file into a cmake variable and after that I 
use cmake's configure_files function to generate the desktop files. The 
parsing of iplugin.h seems a bit hackish to me, so I'd propose to export the 
plugin version as a cmake variable from the FindKDevPlatform.cmake file, that 
gets installed along with the other development files.

In KDevPlatform/KDevelop/quanta/others, the same cmake functions could be used 
to create the iplugin.h with the correct version set and create all desktop 
files without using the shell script to update the files. So updating the 
plugin version would be as easy as setting a variable in the 
FindKDevPlatform.cmake file (or somewhere else, this file just needs to export 
it to other projects).

Other projects then just need to recompile their code after an update of the 
KDevPlatform version and fix all the compiling issues. Most of the time it's 
just okay to update the version number and everything runs fine, again.

Well, I just wanted to ask, if this could work, as you have the better 
understanding of what this plugin version actually does. May be, I didn't take 
something important into account, yet.

You can find the cmake code I did here:

bye then
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