reviewboard integration

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Jul 15 06:27:22 UTC 2010

On 15.07.10 05:36:01, Aleix Pol wrote:
> as you might have seen I've been working on the export patch feature for a
> while. Actually pastebin plugin is working pretty well, so is the simple-kio
> and email (email is a bit weird though, because you need to have kmail
> configured).
> Today I've been looking on creating the reviewboard integration, I have a
> script that does more or less what I want and I should put it into practice,

Did you look at kdesdk/scripts? AFAIK it has a reviewboard-upload-script
already since 4.4 (at least for svn-patches) and also got something new
for 4.5 IIUC (posted a week or so ago on k-c-d) to handle git-patches.
Not sure if thats enough for you or not. 

> Does anybody know if there's any way to retrieve the JSON data from our
> dependencies?
> I've tried it with QtScript as it was suggested somewhere but that didn't
> really work, don't know about khtml.
> We could use QJson for that also, but I'd prefer to stay fit with the
> dependencies.

I've recently used QJson for converting Google-Chrome bookmarks to xbel
format and its rather easy and nice and easy to use. So if you can make
that part optional I think it would be perfectly fine to depend on that
library. As Niko said most distro's ship it already (including Debian's
next stable release) and its not a big dependency either if one has to
build from sources.


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