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Sun Jul 11 12:41:26 UTC 2010

Leon Pollak, 11.07.2010:
> Hello.
> I am not sure when it began, but...
> Looking at the text of the project I see that many identifiers are
> underlined. Part of them by bright yellow line, while another part - by
> dark grey line. I was not able to understand what this underlining means -
> although most of them were under global variables, but there are also
> under constants and sometimes under "normal" variables.
> How can I remove these underlines (very annoying...)
> Thanks a lot.

Configure KDevelop -> Languages -> disable reporting of semantic problems.

Am I right to assume that you are using the PHP plugin or is this happening 
with Cpp? You should really report bugs about that (if that is what it is). Go 
to bugs.kde.org. And make sure you attach proper *small* code snippets that 
exhibit this behavior.

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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