Removing doubled search results from the grepview plugin

George Syron mr.syron at
Fri Jul 9 18:32:03 UTC 2010

> Is this with master or 4.0 branch?

I'm currently not at home, but I've pulled the master branch just before I
wrote the first mail (so thats 9 hours ago from now on), and I don't see any
commits on gitourious in this time, so I assume that the problem still
And if you remember my mail about my build problem... I've completely
re-installed my system, and I added an uninstall command into my
build/install script, so I don't think that it is related to my system.

I wish to help (i.e. by tracing that problem down to something more
special), but as my knowledge of kdev* code/structure is very very poor, I
do not really know where to start.

-- Syron
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