Guidance on developing a new language plugin

Victor Vicente de Carvalho victor.v.carvalho at
Sun Feb 21 20:22:05 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to implement an erlang plugin for kdevelop. I've mailed milian
sometime ago, and was sucessfull creating the lexer and the sintatic parser,
but I'm having some trouble integrating the DUchain stuff. In my point of
view, as a dynamic, functional language, little information is needed, so
I'm wondering what of DUchain should I use, if none. I'm trying to study it
on pgp and css plugins, wich I've found to be more alike erlang
functionalities, but I'm confused about the builders. What exactly are the
ContextBuilder and DeclarationBuilder? I just wanted to make comon errors to
show, and an simple include system; In my point of view that should be the
necessary. In some late point, if everything runs well, I'll discuss on how
to integrate the dialyzer program, witch detects variable types, abd so
doing the semantic part (in ways of "meaning of a type").

In attachment I'm posting some changes I've made on kdevelop-pg-qt. The firs
is that error generation was using qDebug(), wich prints newlines after
every stream outputted, and the other is to really print the content of the
nodes, because actually the FIRST/FOLLOW, FIRST/FIRST problems are
outputting the integer pointer of the node. To understand, just run it on a
grammar witch has erros.

Thanks all,
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