SmartRange revisions in ParseJobs

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Sat Feb 20 13:04:44 UTC 2010

Milian Wolff wrote:
>> Hmm, the real solution would be changing the API around useRevision and
>> clearRevision. However as that's not possible, I guess the only solution
>> will be adding a function like "finished()" to ParseJob which does the
>> cleanup, and making sure that it's always called within the parse-thread
>> when the parse-job is ready.
>> Yes, ideally it should be completely hidden from the parse-job
>> implementation itself. Maybe the thread-weaver has some API that could be
>> used for that?
> OK, thanks I'll take a look at it and implement it together with Christoph.

The parse jobs already do jobAborted() on failure, perhaps adding one 
more jobFinished() and cleaning up in both methods would do the job 
without big changes.


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