David Nolden zwabel at
Wed Feb 17 12:12:59 UTC 2010

Am Mittwoch 17 Februar 2010 11:43:15 schrieb Andras Mantia:
> On Wednesday 17 February 2010, David Nolden wrote:
> > Am Mittwoch 17 Februar 2010 11:07:19 schrieb Andras Mantia:
> > > On Wednesday 17 February 2010, David Nolden wrote:
> > > > Ok, I will argue about 1 point: The Editor-menu is a waste of
> > > > space? The  opposite is the case. All of the menus that it hides
> > > > are a waste of space, and using this editor-menu we can reduce
> > > > that waste to 1 item instead of 3 items.
> > >
> > > The real solution is to integarte the katepart's menus in their
> > > right place.
> > > Editor-Settings-Configure Editor to Settings-Configure Editor
> > > Editor-View - toplevel View (well, every IDE/editor has a View
> > > menu...) Editor-Bookmarks - either toplevel or in some other menu,
> > > like under View/Edit. Or maybe Navigation.
> > > Editor-Tools- top level menu
> >
> > That's exactly what we had before, leading to 13 top-level menu
> > entries, and a very clumsy menu.
> The above would introduce one extra toplevel menu.
> > The main problem is that having those menus as top-level entries
> > creates a totally wrong perception of what they might contain. You
> > may be used to it, but anyone who is unbiased would expect a "Tools"
> > menu in an IDE to contain things like valgrind, doxygen, etc., and
> > not a random selection of encoding- options and such from the
> > editor.
> And that is fine. Tools can have those as well. It had in KDevelop3. :)
> Nobody says Tools should be equal exactly like Tools in Katepart. Now I
> know, if you want to support different editors, doing it is not that
> easy, but if you focus on katepart (and I think you should do now), it
> is possible to reorder the menus.
But look into the kate "Tools" menu. Does _any_ of the entries fit into the 
global "Tools" menu of an IDE? I think, no. It contains encoding-settings 
within the current editor, mini-utilities like "join lines" that would better 
fit into the "Edit" menu, and such stuff. The only reason why you would expect 
that stuff to be in a "Tools" menu is because you've memorized it from using 
kate. So even if we still had a global tools menu containing stuff like 
doxygen, I think those editor-actions wouldn't belong in there.

> > The same goes for the "Bookmarks" menu: If it's a top-level entry in
> > an IDE, then it has to contain bookmarks that are _global_ to the
> > session, and not stuff that is local to the currently active editor
> > view.
> Yes, that's how I would expect Bookmarks to work, and that's how it
> should be.
> > Putting them into the "Editor" submenu gives them the correct
> > context, so you know they only affect the currently active editor.
> This is just hiding a not implemented feature (global bookmark support).

Anyway we have to do something about it. Even if the bookmarks were global, 
then I think they are not important enough to blow up our main menu by adding 
a new entry. In that case, they should go as a submenu into "Navigation" or 
something like that.

Greetings, David

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