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Tue Feb 16 20:51:16 UTC 2010

On 16.02.10 20:10:24, Vadym Krevs wrote:
> On 16 February 2010 19:51, Alexander Dymo <alexander.dymo at> wrote:
> > 2010/2/16 Aleix Pol <aleixpol at>:
> >> On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 7:44 PM, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at> wrote:
> >>> wanted to share with everybody some concerns that were raised by Cyrille
> >>> Berger (working on krita) on my blog:
> >>>
> >>>
> >
> > Basically those are the ones that I raised a while back during the
> > discussion. And now after using KDevelop with a new menu structure for
> > a couple of days I take all my objections back :)
> > The consistency is good, but the new structure makes way more sense.
> Perhaps, this is the kind of change that you may want to consider
> asking Kdevelop users whether they prefer the new or the old menu
> structure? If you care about the opinion of this particular user, I'd
> very much prefer the old menus for the same reasons as the krita
> developer.

I know this will sound like we don't care about our users, but first and
foremost I am my own user and hence I'm not going to work on reverting
to the old structure as I (as a user) like the new structure. After all,
we're working on this for our fun and/or to have an IDE that we (as in
kdevelop developers) can use.

That said, I think the implementation allows to relatively easily switch
the first two "groups" of menus. Which would at least alleviate the
major concerns posted in the blog as far I can see.

Personally I don't see why top-left position makes something an
important menu item. In fact I think the most-important items should be
around the middle of the menu area making the average mouse-distance as
short as possible.


Today is the first day of the rest of the mess.

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