Actions in the context-menu

Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé - Developer devel at
Mon Feb 15 01:41:00 UTC 2010

Hi Kate and KDevelop devs!

What is the proper way to add an action to the context-menu from a plugin? I 
simply used KTextEditor::View::contextMenu in the KIcon-Inserter-Plugin. Now 
KDevelop seems to have a new context-menu and it does not work in KDevelop. I 
used contextMenuAboutToShow to ensure that it has been created, but it does 
not work, it will be replaced by KDevelop.


Operating System: GNU/Linux
Kernel: Linux
Distribution: openSuSE 11.2
Qt: 4.6.2
KDE: 4.4.63 (KDE 4.4.63 (KDE 4.5 >= 20100209)) "release 1"
KMail: 1.13.0

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