Cleanup of plugins and Release Plan

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sat Oct 17 15:31:03 UTC 2009

On 17.10.09 16:35:14, Milian Wolff wrote:
> Aleix Pol, 17.10.2009:
> > About 4.1, it would be nice if we could gather at some point for a dev
> > meeting, maybe it's too early to think about that, but I guess it's the way
> > to get things done in a uniform way.
> Ever since I came home from the last dev sprint, I wondered whether we could 
> not do the next meeting at Berlin. I could organize it. The advantages:
> - good to reach
> - "nearby" for those that live in Germany and relatively near for Niko
> - a friend of mine has experience with accommodations, he organized things for 
> an Amarok sprint and several times during the LinuxTag fair, should be 
> affordable

I have relatives living in berlin so I wouldn't even need accomodations
:) (well, a sponsored ticket for the public transport would be nice)

> - I work at the IT department of the Physics faculty at the FU-Berlin, hence 
> it's no problem at all to get a room for hacking, with really fast networking 
> etc.

Even during the semester? Or would we need to find a time during the

> - maybe some of the guys over at KDAB or from Qt Software could attend, or at 
> least meet for dinner or similar.

It would be interesting to talk to some of the QtCreator people I think,
maybe we do find a way to share some of the code we both have written -
even if we cannot make the plugins loadable in the other app. 

> - probably the killer advantage for adymo: German beer :)

Another killer argument: You can probably eat at a different
"doener"-place each day :)

> Of course the beer + "reachability" would work for any place in Germany, with 
> even better beer more to the south :)
> disadvantages:
> - not as cheap as Ukraine

Still cheaper than Munich I think.

> - not as good Vodka as in Ukraine :)

I don't drink vodka :)

So, +1 for Berlin from me...


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