Howto integrate valgrind

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun May 3 19:25:40 UTC 2009


I've started to port the valgrind plugin to the launch framework and
came across a decision on which I'd like some input. Basically its how
to best integrate the various valgrind tools that are available.

Right now the solution is to have 1 launcher for each tool, and they all
support the profile mode. This has the benefit of having 1 action in the
gui to start a valgrind run, on the downside this means when you want to
switch from memory-profiling to say callgrind you'll need to adjust that
in the launch configuration (as there's only 1 active launcher per
launch mode per launch configuration).

The other option is to create new launch modes for each of the tools,
i.e. profile (memory), profile (function calls), profile (threading)...
The obvious downside is an explosion of gui actions in the
menus/toolbars, while on the upside you can easily switch between
running a memory-profile and a calling-profile.



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